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Why It’s So Easy to Get Addicted to Your Phone

By appsxprs

Having the entire world at the tip of your fingers is a powerful feeling. Being able to find the answer to any question, any time of the day, or entertain yourself endlessly can quickly become a problem when it’s all you can think about. Today we’ll be talking about why it’s so easy to become addicted to your phone.
Those sweet little icons tend to draw us into a whole other world where our friends post pictures of pretty vacations and our favorite celebrities show us their perfect homes. These apps offer a quick dose of dopamine, a chemical in your brain that rewards you, without putting in any effort on your part. These same apps offer nearly endless ability to be entertained wherever you are in the world.
Social media sites, whether as an app or as a website, are specifically designed to keep you entranced and scrolling. There’s always the question of what’s next on the page, who will post in the next few seconds, and what type of thing will they say that keeps users scrolling for hours on end.
Apps and social media sites also offer the satisfaction of notification throughout the day. Rather than opening your phone and specifically searching for what’s been happening throughout the day, the new information and news come right to you. These notifications give you the feeling of connection and communication even though you may not talk to anyone when you open up the app.
Passive Interaction
While real-life interactions require action from the participants, your phone doesn’t require you to interact at all. So as a passive observer you can watch all of the drama unfold between celebrities while never saying a word. You’d be hard-pressed to find a way to do that in real-life!
Reading, puzzles, and any other type of social interaction require you to be an active participant. Social media and your phone require nothing at all. You simply scroll through and never have to leave your mark.
This endless entertainment and passive interaction is just one way that phones have shown their ability to become even more addictive. With the advent of bigger screens and sleeker designs, it’s easy to get sucked into a world that is sleek, shiny, and over-the-top.
Easy Access
Carrying a book with you is a cumbersome burden but everyone is allowed to have their phones. This easy access makes it simple to substitute over other, more engaging activities. With the easy access that phones supply, everyone can pick up a device and access the world.
Even when you’re not accessing the world, you’re able to look back through your own life through pictures, video, and social media posts. This also rewards your brain as everyone becomes more active and engaged when talking and thinking about themselves.
Phones have become one of the major addictions of recent years. The easy access, engaging apps, and passive design make it hard to tear our eyes away. Moving past this addiction takes dedication and accountability and not a small change of habit. Refocusing on the world around you is the best place to start when fighting this type of addiction!

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