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Where Mobile Websites are Going in 2021 and Beyond

By appsxprs


Matt Cutts has already stated that Google has plans for expanding its search engines in general, taking a more
social approach to include calendars and the like – as well as mobile websites. So it’s clear the giants are
looking forward to growing with the 4 billion world-wide mobile phones – as well as the shrinking 1-billion
personal computers.

But before you can understand where mobile websites are going, and what’s in store for them, you need to
have an idea of what 2010 is bringing to the wireless industry.

The iPad has been creating quite a buzz, with it’s tablet-style 9.7″ touch screen with full 1024 X 768 resolution. It
promises up to 64 GB flash storage, including a speaker and microphone, and the ability to flip between portrait
and landscape view.

It also promises to solve some of the problems associated with tiny phone screens. And even though
Google’s search engine asked vacantly, “Do you mean iPod?” when I ran a search on it, Google did manage
to instantly bring up an explosion of YouTube video reviews.

It’s been lauded as fast, but it hasn’t been met with universal approval.

For one thing – incredibly – its internet browser apparently does not support Flash!

And there has been a “surprise” negative reaction from the female internet population, a large number of whom
all apparently instantly thought of sanitary napkins, the instant they heard the name.

Nokia N961 is getting much a much more positive reception, with its rotating screen, high definition graphics,
light weight, camera and sliding design. It supports MP4 as well as tradition MP3 formats, as well as a 256 mb
micro SD car, and Bluetooth technology that can actually help you transfer files to another device.

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Samsung and Sony Ericsson are not to be outdone, both releasing new mobiles with equally attractive (some
say irresistible) features. The Samsung Z600 also sports Bluetooth, while the Sony Ericsson W999i supports
“GSM talk time of up to 9 hours”.

But it’s not just mobile devices that are blossoming: Software and apps are keeping up with the race. This
year, Microsoft is releasing its “Microsoft Office Mobile 2010”; and the Calgary Herald recently reported:
“Mobile Internet to make Huge Leap Forward in 2010” – and this in spite of the economy doing a nosedive, last
year! According to the Herald, quoting a press release by John Ruffolo, we can look forward to “network traffic
jams” – but Ruffolo goes on to predict heavy growth in the areas of:

– eBooks for SmartPhones, PC’s and tablets
– net tablets (like the iPad)
– Micro payments for content (there’s an idea for marketers to take note of!)
– heavy online sales, disrupting the advertising market

So it’s not just my opinion. In spite of predicted traffic jams, increases in rates to combat over-heavy data usage
and the infamously-named iPad – mobile technology – and websites – are here to stay!

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