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Top Ways to Start a Conversation With Your Leads

By appsxprs

Social messaging apps give you a great way to speak directly with leads and potential customers. This makes a massive difference as compared with other forms of marketing that more often than not involve simply talking at someone and waiting passively for them to buy from us. This does not always work.
Social messaging on the other hand lets you answer questions, help people to decide to buy from you, and generally drive sales in a FAR more profound manner.
The problem? Starting those conversations. People don’t love being bothered during their spare time, so how do you contact them in a way that won’t be seen as an interruption? This is the crux of social messaging, so read on to see how it might work.
Wait for Them
One very obvious way to get around this challenge is to simply wait for the customer or client to contact you. You do this by having a Facebook page that explains what you do, along with a button for them to contact you.
You’ll find that simply by using the usual strategies to drive people to your Facebook page, you can now convert some of those followers into contacts for your social messaging app.
This works wonders because you never bothered them – they CHOSE to start the conversations.
In this strategy, you’re going to have a conversation with someone firstly on a post or an image and then take this into messenger.
So for example, if you post something through your page and a user comments on it, you can then respond to that comment. Maybe try to include a question or generally to encourage them to respond to your response. Either way, you can then get a chain of communication going so that you have a back-and-forth.
The trick then, is simply to hit them up in their inbox and to tell them that you wanted to continue the conversation this way. This is an excellent method for giving yourself that “in” or that excuse to message.
The best part? A number of powerful tools (chatbots) can actually handle this process for you, automatically striking up a conversation on Messenger with anyone who comments on your post and including a link to that post as well!
Did you know that you can actually use Facebook Ads to drive leads to your Messenger? You can set this as an objective for your campaign and as the Call To Action. That means that when someone clicks on the ad, it will respond by automatically beginning a conversation!
If someone buys from you, signs up for something, or orders something, then you can send an automated message via Facebook in order to make it official. This is fairly normal practice, but if you ensure to include a call to action asking the user to get in touch with any questions, it can result in a conversation arising right inside the app!

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