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The Palm Pre: The Latest Advancement In Smartphone Technology.

By appsxprs

There have been many phones that have gone up against the iPhone. The iPhone was so revolutionary that it has been hard to top ever since its release. That is until now. The newest addition to the smartphone family might just be able to dethrone the iPhone. The Palm Pre has just been released and has been labeled as the iPhone Killer ever since it was announced. With its advancements it might not be the iPhone killer but this new smartphone is a welcome addition, and just might sway a few customers away from the iPhone.

One of the key differences found the in design is that it is made out of plastic. Upon hearing this many people thought this may be a big flaw, stating that a phone made from plastic would not be sturdy. But the plastic is heavy duty and very durable and doesn’t feel any weaker to the touch. The exterior of the Palm Pre has minimal keys, keeping the device looking smooth. While the Palm Pre features a screen smaller than one found on the iPhone the display is actually better looking on the Palm Pre. Videos and websites all appear better on the Palm Pre superior touch screen. The full QWERTY keyboard found on the Palm Pre is one design flaw. The keys are very small and crammed into a small space. Those with large fingers are going to have a hard time typing on it. The key board will take some adjustment until you are able to get used to it.

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The ability to multitask is finally available and it is prominently featured on the Palm Pre. Utilizing the multitask feature users are now able to run numerous apps all at once. In previous smartphones the operating systems installed can only operate one app at a time (including the iPhone). But not you can be using multiple apps with ease. Also on previous smartphones receiving a phone call while using an app would mean the alert displayed would completely interrupt your app. But on the Palm Pre the alert is neatly displayed on the bottom 3rd of the screen, allowing you to continue using your app even if you choose to ignore the call.

The Palm Pre takes full advantage of the Wi-Fi and 3G offered up front. Surfing the web is fantastic and websites load almost instantly. With its superior screen and amazing network the Palm Pre is a real pleasure to use. The touch screen found on the Palm Pre is very responsive and even further expands on the finger commands introduced by the iPhone. The Palm Pre gives you multiple ways to execute any task.

While the Palm Pre may not exactly be the iPhone killer it was billed as, it certainly does improve on many of the iPhones basic functions. The improved picture quality and operating system is a huge step forward, but the small keyboard many feel is a step back. Anyone in the market for a smartphone should seriously consider the Palm Pre.

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