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Picking A Hot Trend

By appsxprs
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We’ve discussed what hot trends are in the previous chapter.  However there are things you will want to consider when choosing a hot trend to profit by:


  • How HOT is the trend?
  • When or if the trend has peaked
  • Can the hot trend be monetized?
  • How long is the hot trend likely to stay hot
  • Is the hot trend tied to something seasonal

How HOT is the trend?

Let’s take a look at 2 hot trends and use some tools and common sense reasoning regarding the potential for the hot trends shown in black below to make money. (Obviously these won’t be the hot trends you will see now as they change almost hourly.


Ok so we go to hot trends from out Hot Trends book mark tab and there is the big list of today’s hot trends for the last hour.  We see in position number 1 is Clement Hurd in screen shot ht-1.  We see in screen shot ht-2 ablve in position number 12, Jessica Simpson.


The initial knee jerk reaction of the untrained eye might think that Clement Hurd might be a hot trending project.  Now lets look a little deeper.  When we click on the Clement Hurd link we see on the “Hotness Meter” this trend is at the highest: Volcanic.

When or If the Trend has Peaked

However even though the Clement Hurd hot trend is in the number one position and has the highest heat, his Google Search Trend chart in screen shot ht-1b below shows the trend having already peaked 6 hours ago. This is what I call a splash in the pan hot trend.  It is not something that will engender mass interest. So I have no interest in making it a hot trends project.

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The news items on the left below the chart were not what most people would call hot news. Basically a press release about this children’s book illustrator books being presented as a play.


Can It be Monetized?

The blogs listed on the right below the meter and chart consisted of one very lame attempt at monetizing a blog with nothing but “Clement Hurd” as an anchor text link, linking to Google hot trends.  When I searched on Google for “Clement Hurd” there was only one lonely AdWords ad on the right side bar. so this hot trend is not what I would call a money maker; let alone a money maker with some life left to it.


Now lets look at sample 2 – Jessica Simpson


How long is the hot trend likely to stay hot


This hot trend is listed all the way down in the number 12 position.  And is only showing only “Spicy” on the Hotness Meter but when we look at the Google Search Volume index chart, we see Jessica Simpson as a hot trend had some other hear recently and this hot trend has not peaked yet.


Considering this hot trend has not peaked yet and Jessica Simpson is an internationally known singer and actress, even though the current Hotness is only spicy, the fact that this trend has not peaked yet makes it worth looking into a little deeper. So I go up to the Google Trends search field and type in Jessica Simpson.  Guess what? The trends chart on this young lady show quite a few hot peaks within in the last year.

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So I look at some of the news releases to see where this current spike came from.  She was written up in the LA Times, Dallas Times Herald, E-Online and Hollywood.com. Unfortunately for here the write ups were about how she blew a performance in Grand Rapids.  Still she is in the news now, has been quite a bit in the past and therefore probably will be again in the future.  Having seen some things on T.V. about her recent inordinate amount of weight gain and her almost totally blowing a performance, I can almost count on her being in the news again in the very near future.  Millions of people love to hear about and read about big stars falling from grace.


So what am I going to do to be made aware when anything having to do with Jessica Simpson surfaces online? I’m going to set a “Google Alert” on Jessica Simpson. Go to your Google Account home page and click on the “Alert” icon. I’ll type in Jessica Simpson, set the type and how often I want to be alerted and have the alerts go to my Gmail account.


Google alerts will let me know before she hits hot trends again that she is in the news.  This will allow me to go back to my records I’m keeping in Google Docs and quickly go to the previous information that made her hot and prepare a quick post about what maybe about to make her a hot trend again.


Then I do a Google web search for her name in quotes like this: “Jessica Simpson”.  Even with her name in quotes which cuts out Jessica only or Simpson only, there are still 29 MILLION results listed.  On page one I find fan sites of her’s that have PR-5 Google popularity ratings.
Now I have 2 reliable sources telling me the current information about her is hot, Google has shown her with some activity throughout “08” and she has been on Yahoo’s chart for the last 689 days. Lookin good there Jessica.

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