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ow To Use QR Codes To Drive In Targeted Traffic

By appsxprs
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Yesterday we talked about how to use SMS marketing
to reach your customers and build brand loyalty
through special offers and notifications.

Today, we’ll take a look at another effective
mobile marketing strategy: QR Codes, which
stands for “Quick Response Code”.

You’ve probably seen QR codes in marketing
campaigns, bulletins, flyers and brochures. It’s
a great way to direct users to special landing
pages or secret offers just by providing them with
a bar code that they can scan using their mobile

When it comes to QR codes you can store
up to 7,089 digits or over 4,000 characters.
This can also include numbers and phrases.

You can get access to a variety of data
related to the use of your generated Codes.

In addition to other important data provided
by QR codes, you can also view the number
of unique scans to find out how many different
users have scanned your code.

Best of all, all collected data from QR codes
is available in real-time so you can monitor
the flow of scans and track every aspect of
your QR marketing campaigns.

Here are a few ways you can use QR code
marketing to boost your traffic quickly:

Personalized Direct Mail
You can mail out special invitations that
feature your QR code. Once scanned, a user
would be directed to a secret page on your
website with a special offer.

Email Newsletter Signups
One great and easy way to quickly build
your subscriber base is by generating a
QR code that links to an email sign up
or opt-in form on your website.

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Consider creating an online training course
or program to draw attention to paid products
or services including consulting or coaching.
Then create a QR code that provides extra
lessons or other bonus items when a user
subscribes using the code.

On Personalized Products
You could easy add a QR code to products
offered by your company, such as mugs,
magnets or other company swag. Offer it
as prizes in contests and boost traffic
quickly and easily!

Conference Name Tags
If you participate in conferences, consider
adding a QR code to your name tag! It’s a
great way to trade business rather than the
outdated business card.

Public Bulletin Boards
One great way to reach local customers is
to place QR embedded flyers on bulletin
boards, or fliers throughout your area.

These are just a few ways to get started.
Can you think of any others?

In the meantime, you can create your QR
codes here: https://www.qrstuff.com/

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