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Organizing Your Trends System

By appsxprs
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You are going to need to keep records of your Hot Trends Profits projects.


When you are on your Google “My Account” page, you will see an icon in the Products section that says “Google Docs”. Click on that icon.  It will load the Google Docs home page.


You will have the ability to use and save spread sheets and word processor documents for your system as you database information on your different hot trend products.  If you understand Microsoft Excel, you can use the spread sheet documents to organize your project data.  If not, you can use the word publisher document to paste text data information into in the most organized manner you are comfortable with.


I won’t be showing you how to set up your data documents.  Those kinds of things are always a matter of personal preference.  You will only have about 6 distinct data items you will want to have available to you at any given time, so I’m not talking about mountains of data here. Still you need to have the someplace where you can get to them right in your browser and not have to go digging through your computer file manager to find what you need.


Another tool you will find on your Google “My Account” page is “My Notebook”. Very handy for jotting down quick notes and keeping them organized where you can access them quickly as you are working your hot trends business.


When we get to setting up your Google Hot Trends bookmarks, I’ll have you bookmark them accordingly.  For now, if you want to take a minute and go check them out – you rock on.  I’ll be here when you get back :o)

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In fact as you get introduced to any of these tools and get them bookmarked into your system so they are ready for easy access, you should take a couple of minutes to check out each one of them. Spend a few minutes clicking around on different menu items, links, help sections or FAQ’s.  Doing so may save you some frustration later.


If you don’t already have the FREE browser we’ll use for our hot trends system, we’ll get it installed, set up and then configured for your hot trends projects.


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