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More Ways to Sell Your Ebook

By appsxprs

If you’ve gone to great lengths to create a Kindle book, then you need to make sure that you absolutely maximize the profit you’re going to get from that and that you promote it through as many channels as possible.

This is why it’s important to recognize that a Kindle book doesn’t just have to be sold on the Kindle Store. Once you’ve created your PDF or Doc file, you’re free to distribute it in many different ways as long as you’re not part of the Kindle Select program.

This is actually one of the big benefits of selling an ebook because it means you can re-use content – which isn’t the case when you write content for a website (due to Google’s policies toward duplicate content).

So what else can you do to get your ebook out there for all to see? Here are some good options…


One option is to self-publish your ebook. Once upon a time this was a bad idea because it meant using ‘vanity publishing’ which in turn meant spending a lot of money to invest in thousands of copies of your own book. Today better means exist thanks to something called ‘Print On Demand’ publishing.

Essentially, POD means that you create a file and then only pay for that file to be printed. This means you’re paying for the printing costs and not for the books themselves and it means you don’t have anything to lose. If no one orders a book, there is no cost to you. Self-publishing is possible through Luu and also through Amazon.

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Sell From Your Website

Something else you can do is to sell the book as a PDF from your own website. You could do this by adding an ecommerce store to a WordPress site for example but you can also do it by adding a PayPal ‘Buy Now’ button or using something like OptimizePress.

Either way, this means you’re no longer splitting the profits with Amazon but it does mean that you’re vulnerable to pirating and it means that you won’t have access to the large audience that you get through the Kindle Store.

Another positive of selling from your own site though is that you can use affiliate programs. This means that you offer commission to marketers who can help you sell your book. While this means splitting the profit once again, it also means that you’ll have a legion of people helping you to sell and that in turn means you’ll sell countless copies that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Trying Other Stores

There are also other stores you can sell through. These include the Barnes and Noble store which lets you sell on the Nook, Google Play Books, iTunes and more. Again, you don’t have to do this instead of selling on Amazon – you can do it in addition and earn even more profit.

Repurposing Your Content

You can also repurpose your content and use it in other ways: as posts on your blog for example or even as part of a mobile app!

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