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Mobile Marketing via Print Media

By appsxprs

Mobile marketing is a noble introduced phenomenon by most mobile retailers. This is a promotional technique which has been adopted by owners so as to be at the top among their competitors. Various measures are espoused by them out of which mobile marketing is the most implanted one for selling varied distinct products. Print media has been integrated in most of the advertising campaigns so that bulk of customers can be entrapped towards buying of cell phones of a particular brand.

All those things which can be printed on page and read are considered as Print media. It is inclusive of extensive items such as newspapers, advertisements, direct mails, catalogs, coupons, books, pamphlets, and box tomes. Information related to mobiles can be added on them. Such mediums can be incorporated in campaigns for mobile marketing. Usage of mobiles provides instantaneous rewards which are complicated to procure with any other medium.

According to a survey, the redemption rate achieved with traditional means of print media lies between two percent to three percent. A much higher rate of redemption can be realized of about twenty percent to thirty percent. Newspapers, pamphlets and other alike sources convey only simplex information. While mobile marketing can convey information from both sender and receiver. It can alter an ineffective campaign into more ingenious means by providing an auto list of customers which can be used in both short run and long run. Multiple keywords can also be established in a campaign. Organizations can even see what percentage of people actually read their sent text messages. This not only provides them with adequate sampling but also helps in mounting their credibility.

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Varied keywords can be assigned to varied printed sources which are being used along with mobile marketing strategy. This will even help organizations to have a perfect note about the response received with every single medium being used. The monetary assets which are used for a campaign must be assembled in such a way that it reaps out fruitful gains in long term as well. Best form to be espoused for any kind of marketing campaign is to have a perfect blend of both mobile marketing and print media tool. All this accompanied with a loyal marketing term can help an organization to pull off highest sales figure.

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