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Mobile Marketing via Bluetooth and Infrared has many Advantages

By appsxprs

Mobile phones have become a very strong medium of marketing as today almost every person possesses his own cell phone. Marketing is all about following potential customers and mobiles are the easiest to trace. Mobile marketing can be done in various ways like mobile marketing through SMS, MMS, via games, via infrared and Bluetooth, each one having its own features. Mobile marketing via infrared and Bluetooth is a technique of promoting services, products or specific plans of a company through wireless media. Bluetooth and Infrared technologies are two methods of transmitting the services of a company to mobile phones of customers for free. The difference between messaging marketing and marketing through Infrared and Bluetooth is that marketing through Bluetooth and Infrared does not use any carrier network. Although there is a limitation in marketing via Bluetooth and Infrared as they are limited to a certain range, usually up to thirty to thirty five feet.

The basic principle of marketing is going where people go. A company must have a close eye on customer demands. They must have a policy which can benefit customers as well in earning benefits for the manufacturers, they must also advertise for that policy; several companies are exploiting mobile phone services to achieve this. With the help of Infrared and Bluetooth beamers the range of the recipient of the signal and sender of the Bluetooth signals can be extended to over three hundred feet. This range is at least enough for people passing by the store front.

In the current economic scenario marketing companies have to apply new and innovative ideas to reach out to the potential customers. There is a cut throat competition in the market and one needs something significant to penetrate the customers. The Principle of marketing is very clear that a company staying in constant touch with its users have an extra edge over its competitors. Mobile marketing and internet marketing are two premier ways of marketing at present. These have increased the market share of concerned companies to a great extent.

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Mobile marketing is the easiest and cheapest method of marketing and promoting the services, though it does not means that anyone can send promotional messages anytime, anywhere. The Mobile Marketing Association has set a mobile marketing definition in November 2009 which refers marketing through cell phones using any kind of network. Almost every network system allows mobile marketing very conveniently. This is currently one of the most common ways of marketing and promoting services.

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