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Mobile Marketing Tips

By appsxprs
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Today, in our final email I’m going to
send you off with a few other mobile
marketing tips that I’ve personally used
to create engaging campaigns that funnel
in targeted traffic.

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In Game Marketing
Have you ever played a game and suddenly
an advertisement appears that you must
watch before you can continue to play?

This is in-game marketing, and it’s one of
the most effective ways to get your message
in front of potential customers without
having to spend a fortune in advertising.

You can take a closer look by visiting
in-game advertising agencies including:

In-app Marketing:
With services like AdMob by Google, you
can easily promote your website’s app
inside of other popular apps to generate
more brand awareness, increase clicks and
maximize revenue.

Check it out here:

Build an App for Your Ecommerce Site
We discussed this yesterday, but it’s worth
repeating. Consider developing an app that
highlights your products and caters to the
mobile shopper.

Incorporate a reward program into your
marketing strategy that rewards loyal buyers.

That’s it for today! I wish you the very best
with your business, and I hope that this e-series
has helped you get the head start you need.


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