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Mobile Marketing and Privacy Concerns Related to Mobile Marketing

By appsxprs

Mobile marketing has emerged as one of the latest and innovative methods of advertising for the services and products of a company. Producers’ track mobile numbers of the potential customers target them through SMS, MMS, Infrared and Bluetooth strategies. This strategy has worked fine till now, but it has ignited a belief to protect the customer’s confidential personal information. Sometimes it gets very irritating when a consumer gets too much promotional calls and messages from the supplier companies. Mobile marketing has become one of the premier sources of advertising for the services and products. Many organizations and individuals have been exploiting this strategy to reach potential customers. Although over use of anything creates problems and mobile marketing via SMS, MMS, Infrared and Bluetooth is no exception. Customers get irritated when they receive too much promotional messages or calls on mobile phones.

The Mobile Marketing Association has been prolific in setting some protocols to the marketers so that they use this strategy in a correct way. They have set privacy guidelines for advertising companies for the sake of sustainability and growth of industry. The member organizations have to follow the code of conduct set by Mobile Marketing Association and respect the opt-in, opt-out policy of the customers strictly to provide complete security cover to the customers.

Telecom companies have large databases of stored information and they can use these numbers and details to reach out the customers, but this may be harmful for the customers sometimes as companies may gather detailed records of user’s past life, current preferences, and future activities. This is unofficial at times as no company is allowed to break the privacy policies set by MMA. One can’t use private information of a customer and neither can pass it to marketing companies beyond a limit.

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The risk of losing confidential information is increasing day by day and that may affect the user adversely. MMA has provided the users with a facility of activating ‘Do Not Disturb’ service on their handsets so that he can avoid receiving any promotional call or message from the advertising company. The concept of secrecy has been stated in terms to restrict the advertising companies from passing personal records of the consumer to other company. A lot of efforts have been taken by the MMA to set standard measures on how much and at what time a promotional company can call or message a user.

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