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How to Get Good Reviews for Your Kindle Book

By appsxprs

Reviews are very important on Kindle. Of course a good or bad rating can have a big impact when it comes to influencing the buying decisions of your readers – most of us are considerably more likely to buy a book if we think it sounds good according to the previous buyers. Likewise, if a book is often described negatively then we will often be put off.

Actually though, this isn’t the biggest way that a review impacts sales. Ultimately, most of us will at least read the free sample of a book on Kindle if we are sufficiently interested in the topic. The bigger problem then, is that reviews can impact rankings. If your book has bad reviews, then it won’t rank as highly on the Kindle Store and this will mean that far fewer people are able to discover it and thus spend money on it.

So the question becomes: how do you ensure you get the best reviews? Let’s take a look…

Write a Great Book

This should go without saying but it’s incredibly important to write a good book if you want to get the best reviews. This means that the writing style should be on-point with good use of language, correct spelling and good grammar.

Likewise though, it also means that the book should be interesting, unique and engaging. It needs to provide some kind of value and that means that you need to provide some kind of takeaway for the reader.

Write an Accurate Description

In a bid to make the most sales possible on their books, a lot of marketers and writers will write a highly persuasive and sales-y description for their books. The aim here is to make people want to read the book and to thereby over-sell it.

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While this can help to give you an initial surge in sales though, it can also end up hurting you if what’s in the book doesn’t live up to the hype. Make sure your description is accurate and that you don’t give away all the surprises inside. You want your readers to come away pleasantly surprised and not disappointed when they’ve finished the book.

Charge Correctly

Ultimately, a review should tell people if a book is good value or not. And the best way to make a book good value is to decrease the price – thereby meaning that the readers get more for less.

Actually, one of the very best things you can do for your book in terms of ranking is to lower the price for a while to drive sales and to increase the number of positive reviews.


Another tip is to respond to your negative reviews. Don’t be defensive or aggressive and respect your readers’ right to their opinion. At the same time though, you should be sure that you respond in order to apologise and to explain your point of view – you can even offer a refund.

This not only shows that you offer good customer service (thereby taking some of the sting out of a bad review) but if you’re lucky they may even change their rating once they feel heard!

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