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Your Blog Post – Entering Your Post


You can do something as simple as copying another blog post and including a link to the post and then putting an opinion statement just before and after the blog post you have an opinion on. In this case I might type in above the post from the other blog something like:


“I don’t think Jessica is being treated fairly in the following blog post”.


Then use a little imagination to put other key words I’m wanting to go for right after that opinion statement like; “Jessica may have weight problems, and not giving the best performances she can right now, but you have to admit with the line of Jessica Simpson clothing, apparel and accessories line she has she is a pretty sharp business person.

Then another short statement below the post:


Then below the other blogs post, type in a short opinion statement about how I would appreciate comments on my opinions.


However, I decided to write a short post about this girls woes as a celebrity. This is not rocket science. Here’s the post . . .



(SAMPLE) Title:

Poor Jessica Simpson with Weight Gain and Bad Performances – Fashions and Accessories



Yes one of my favorite singing and acting stars, Ms Jessica Simpson continues to be in the news about her weight problem, bad performances and so on with headlines like:


    * Jessica Simpson Performance Melt Down in Grand Rapids

    * Jessica Simpson’s Weight Gain Makes Three Magazine Covers

    * Magazine Denies Dropping Simpson Over Weight Scandal


I have no doubt Jessica Simpson’s avid music fans like me will continue to buy her CD’s but what about that large and previously profitable Jessica Simpson Fashion and Accessories line.


When the name sake Jessica Simpson herself probably can fit into any of the clothing items in her fashion line like the models do, I can’t help but wonder what that is going to do to Jessica Simpson Fashion and Accessories Sales.


I think Jessica Simpson is just going through a rough patch in her life and will get it back together. With here CD sales tumbling, I hope this rough patch she’s going through doesn’t affect her clothing and fashion accessories business.  What will Jessica have left then?


I know at least some people are still buying Jessica Simpson posters.  My son just bought a poster of Jessica for his dorm room.  I have to admit, when the girl was at her fashion weight, she was drop dead gorgeous. Maybe she needs a Jessica Simpson Poster in her clothing closet.


I hope she pulls herself out of this slump.  Maybe I’ll pay more attention to her career and let you know what I find here in this blog.



Nothing Fancy

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See? Nothing fancy, just a quick 250 words that took me about 5 minutes. But look at the number of times I used the keywords: Jessica Simpson, Grand Rapids, Fashion, Accessories, clothing, posters, and so on.  The blog address/URL, title, post title and keywords are what will be pulling in the targeted PPC ads (In this case we’ll use Adsense), the site visitors should be clicking on.


Below the blog post editor field you will see a “Labels for your post” option field.  This is where you want to type in your keywords. In this case I entered keyword phrases separated by commas like this:

Jessica Simpson, Weight Gain, Grand Rapids Melt Down, Fashion Accessories, Poster


Then I clicked the “Publish Post” button.  When you do your first few projects, you may want to just click the “Save Now” button if you want to save it for now so you can edit it later. When you do publish your post, you will come to a page that gives you the options to “View Post” or view it in a new window.  Choose “In a new window”. Proof read your post.  If you have mistakes or find you want to make some changes, go back to the options page and click on the, “Edit post” link and make your changes.  Then save the post.


Ok . . . my post is done. Total time less than 10 minutes.


Now go back to your blog dash board and fill in the blog for your hot trend description.


Now scroll down  the page and answer the configuration question with the appropriate drop down options.  Everything should be answered “YES” except for adult content and transliteration.

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Now click the “SAVE SETTINGS” button at the bottom.


My methods and the strategies in this guide should start to make a lot of sense to you about now.


You may have noticed I’m not keeping any records as I set these things up. I will be going through record keeping when we go through the final walk through in the last chapter.


Let’s move on to setting up our Adsense and poster ad.


Setting Up PPC And More


To run Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads on your blog, say AdSense for example, you need the code from the PPC Ad service, like AdSense placed into what is called a “Gadget” in your blog.  The nice thing about using AdSence for your PPC Ad service is Blogger and Adsense are both owned by Google. So they make if very easy for you to set up your AdSence on a Blogger Blog.


From your hot trends blog dashboard, (Not your primary Dashboard that lists all your blogs), click on the “Lay Out” tab.


In the Lay Out screen you will see in the top right a link that says “Add Gadget”.  You will also see the same link below the post field.  So there are 2 places you can add AdSense Ads through a Gadget.  We will use the side bar gadget in this example.  See screen shot ht-12 below:


When the “Add a Gadget” screen appears as a Pop Up, scroll down till you see the AdSense icon.


Click on the AdSense + icon.  Another screen will appear.  If you are not signed into your Adsense account, enter the e-mail address of your Gmail e-mail account and your zip code as you entered it when you signed up.  You will then presented with the AdSense configuration screen.

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Depending on where you are placing this AdSense Ad panel, you will use the drop down options to select the size, color, number of ads etc as seen below in screen shot ht-13.  Notice that since I am putting the AdSense Ads in the side bar this time I used the tall and long or Sky Scraper ad that is 160 pixels in width by 600 pixels in height.  You will need to play around with these a little to meet your personal preference.


NOTE: I don’t believe you can put more than 2 set of AdSense ads on your blog.  You can choose “Match Template” and the ads will be color coordinated with the Template you chose.  As you look through the different size ads, the sample ads below the options will change accordingly.


When you have configured your ads, scroll to the bottom of the “Configure AdSense” screen and click on the “SAVE” button.


You can go through the process again and put another AdSense ad in the body of your post.  OK your done.  You will get to where you can accomplish this task in under 2 minutes.


You can use code generated from other PPC services by adding a Text Gadget and pasting the code into the Text Gadget.  The same goes for affiliate ads you want to run with a hot trend.


Tracking your AdSense Click Thru’s

go to your Google Adsense Account. Click on the “AdSense Setup” tab.

On the next screen click on the “Channels” tab.


On the next screen click on URL channels.


Now click on “Add new URL channels.”


Now where it says “Enter URLs to track, one per line:” paste in your blog’s URL.


Then click on the “Add channels” button.  Now in reports you will be able to see what kind of impressions (site visits), you are getting, and how many click thru’s you’re getting.


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