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Current Trends in Mobile Marketing

By appsxprs

Mobile device is a mode of communicating with an audience in the most relevant and interactive manner using any mobile network or device. The Smart phones available in the market today are great breeding grounds for mobile commerce. It helps in saving a lot of time and money. A person does not even have to go to his computer to conduct his transaction. He can do everything while sitting on his chair. The low cost advertisement through mobile devices uses mobile e-mail marketing, mobile text messaging, mobile or WAP websites, area specific marketing and mobile application marketing. The future of advertisement is indeed mobile marketing. The sheer volume and size of the transactions is enormous. It is already coming at par with e-commerce.


The society that we live in today is becoming more mobile. Almost everyone these days has a mobile phone with him. All one needs to do to contact someone is just by text message him. This same principle is being applied by the mobile advertisers. The focus of mobile marketing is on:

  • Holding a mobile video conference without the use of any wires.
  • The focus will be on the intelligence of these devices far beyond the typing and clicking, talking but touching, locating, photographing recording, accelerating, shaking and blowing.
  • Customer service for almost everything.
  • Better cameras for the users and standardization of technology.
  • Technologies which get disabled so that the users are unable to use the device while driving.
  • Discounts and freebies through real time mobile coupons.
  • Health care services through the mobile handset.
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More advertisers prefer to give information about their services through the mobile communication ways. Everyone gets messages about latest movies that are going to be released and in which multiplex to watch it or even when a new line of clothing is going to be launched there is a message to make the consumers aware of the launch date. The number of hits a website gets through mobile devices is being used by the search engines to give ranking to the website. Mobile marketing can help save a lot of money for the business and make a greater impact compared to other forms of advertising.



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