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Creating Mobile Friendly Content

By appsxprs
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In order to optimize your website for mobile
marketing campaigns you need to make sure
that your content is also mobile friendly.

This means you need to:

• Focus on content designed for a smaller screen.
This means you need to eliminate unnecessary pages,
tabs and links so that you are able to declutter
your page and provide only the most relevant and
essential information.
• Write bold, clear and short headlines that capture
attention. Eliminate unnecessary words. With mobile
users, you need to instead focus on the strongest
benefits upfront in fewer words than you may be
used to.
• Optimize for the search engines. Since mobile
users tend to be more specific when it comes to their
searches, you want to use highly-targeted keywords
in your content.

• Incorporate SMS marketing into your campaigns.
With so many mobile users checking their phones
every hour, SMS marketing is a great way to reach
potential customers and begin to build brand
loyalty with consistent communication and special

One great service is https://www.eztexting.com/
that you may want to take a look at.
• Focus on local marketing. Most mobile users
look for local information or businesses whenever
possible. This means you should add your business
to Google my Business in order to capture attention
by being featured in local searches.

You can check it out here:

In tomorrow’s email, we’ll dive into social
marketing for mobile so you can boost traffic
and exposure quickly.




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