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Creating An App For Your Business

By appsxprs
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One of the best ways to interact with

on-the-go consumers is by offering them

an app that makes it easy to browse and

purchase your products. 

Consider just how many people don’t have

the time to sit at the computer when

evaluating products.


If you want to boost sales and build a

loyal customer base, you need to cater

to the busy parent, the on-the-go professional,

and the younger crowd of customers that

spend hours of their day on mobile devices.


Apps also simply the purchasing process

which instantly improves on-site user experience.


Once a person becomes comfortable using an app,

chances are they’ll continue to use it every

time they purchase, or connect to your

community or online store.  Apps make shopping

fast and easy, especially for those with

limited time.


There are many other reasons to consider

building an app for your mobile website, including

the fact that apps provide you with important

demographic information, including purchase histories,

email addresses, as well as age and location



This information can be invaluable when

creating ad campaigns or marketing initiatives,

allowing you to better target your audience.

And if you want to take things a step further

you could build an app-based loyalty rewards


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Consumers love a bargain and they also

appreciate being rewarded for purchasing

through your store.


In fact, loyalty-based reward apps are

so popular that customers will often remain

with the brands that offer them reward

incentives even when the prices of products

READ  mobile marketing

are higher than competing companies that

fail to offer an app.


Want to get started right away?


You could choose to hire a coder to

create the app for you from places like

eLance.com, or you could use an online

app builder from a service like:




You can also find a full list of app developers

at: https://experts.shopify.com/developers


Tomorrow will be our final email in this series.

We’ll discuss a few other ways you can begin

to create your mobile marketing campaign so that

you can get your business in front of thousands

of potential customers.


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