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Challenges Faced by Mobile Marketing from other Forms of Marketing

By appsxprs

Marketers are engaged in so many marketing techniques these days to promote their products and services. There are various marketing strategies these days, which include internet marketing, marketing through social media sites, mobile marketing, e-mail marketing, and so on. Every kind of marketing has its own features. The simple policy of marketing is to follow people where ever they go.

Among all marketing strategies, mobile marketing is the latest one. Mobile phones have become a strong media of marketing over the years. It is the cheapest and easiest way of targeting mass customers. Every person these days possesses mobile phone. The advertising companies send SMS, MMS, Bluetooth and infrared messages to the client’s mobile phones. Although it is an easiest way of connecting to the customers, yet there are several challenges in mobile marketing. There are stiff challenges in mobile marketing due to its permission based nature, restrictions in passing or disclosing confidential information of the customer and rules and regulations of a specific nation. Mobile marketing is a most distinguished method of marketing as it requires permissions from the consumers; follow the MMA code of conduct and requires express approval.

Lack of space is another major obstacle in the mobile marketing field. Among all the marketing media mobile marketing offers least space due to small screen size. The producer or sender of promotional messages is restricted to few hundred words; he has to wrap up his message within that space. This is the reason that marketers have to make precise and clear message for the customers within limited space.

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The premium charges again are big challenge for the marketers. Mobile phone customer is likely to file a complaint against the premium charges and these are likely to go ahead with regulatory investigations. Privacy though is not a big issue at present time, but with over use of personal information of the client situation may change quickly.

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